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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

@}--- Letter from Mr. Bean to Bill Gates

My Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

I've bought a computer for my home and I've found some problems, which I want to bring to your notice:

(1) There is a button 'START' but there is no 'STOP' button. I request you to please check this.

(2) One doubt is, whether any 'Re-Scooter' is available in system? Because I find only 'Re-Cycle', as I own only a scooter.

(3) I recently learned 'Microsoft Word', now I want to learn 'Microsoft Sentence'. So, when will you provide that?

(4) There is 'Microsoft Office', but what about 'Microsoft Home' since I use this at home only.

(5) One personal question, how is your name is 'Gates' but you are selling 'Windows', instead of 'Doors'....?!!

Awaiting reply.

With Best Regards,
Mr. Bean

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lieyalatif said...

i think aaa...i want to slap mr bean's face faster2 laaa...can a?...can ?....

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